The Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname (Full Metal Panic!) fanlisting has been online since December 27, 2016 ♥

The fanlisting is entitled Guardian Angel, which is the codename of Mithril's top secret mission to guard and protect Kaname. Angel is Mithril's codename for Kaname (although her brash personality leave many to wonder how she received that name XD), and they send Sousuke to be her main guard. They slowly begin to fall in love while escaping danger and death together, and become each other's guardian angel ♥


Always, Stand By Me
Version 1 Always, Stand By Me is inspired by the final light novel, and features the two in a splashy and colorful design. Their relationship is anything but normal, and there is always something crazy going on. I wanted to show that amidst this chaos, anything is possible when these two are together ♥

Fighting Boy Meets Girl
Version 2 Fighting Boy Meets Girl is inspired by the first light novel, and features Sousuke and Kaname in a very chaotic but romantic scene. I wanted to capture that sweet moment when time stops as our heroes reunite in the midst of chaos.


 Full Metal Panic! Sagara Sousuke


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